Promoting the program to the families - so we can reach the kids who need the food - is one of the most important parts of the program. If we can't reach the families, then we can't provide them with food support. 

We've compiled some resources and ideas that we hope will aid in this process. 



Permission slips

  • Download on the Document Downloads page, available in various languages.
  • Feel free to use your own opt-in format.
  • Enter the information of the person the families should contact at the school to sign up.


  • Ask the organization that sponsors your school if they could provide volunteers to walk around with permission slips, offering to sign people up right there on the spot.
  • Event Ideas:
    • Open Houses
    • Conferences
    • Family night
    • Testing before the school year starts

Display information around the school - posters,on the school's website, etc

  • Be sure there is information on the school’s website about the program including easy steps for the families to sign up.
  • Location ideas for posters / sample bags of food:
    • On the front desk at the school office (have permission slips on hand at the front desk for families to sign up right there). Make sure the front desk staff knows the basics about the program.
    • In the school's glass showcase
    • On bulletin boards
    • Around the halls
    • On the main doors used by families
  • Download files to display (Feel free to edit for your use)

Have the Principal/Assistant Principal inform the staff - have staff recommend families that they know may be interested in participating in the program.

  • Share about the opportunity...
    • at staff meetings
    • at grade level meetings
    • at professional learning communities
    • in an email to all staff
  • Inform your Social Worker(s)
    • Ensure your Social Workers are aware of this opportunity and offer it to families with whom they connect. Many schools have shared that this program is a great way to open a conversation with families.
  • Inform your Teachers
    • Ensure your teacher are aware of this opportunity. They can even have permission slips on-hand at parent-teacher conferences and offer to sign families up right there on the spot.

Text you can copy and paste to use on your website, email blast, letter to families, etc.

  • See below for a text option ready for your use! Feel free to change it to fit your needs. Text in italics are place holders for you to enter your own information.

Website Blurb / Email Text
Do you need some extra food for the weekend? We have an opportunity at school name where your child can discreetly receive a bag of food to take home at the end of every week. Just sign up by calling/emailing/etc 

It's completely free and your family's privacy is protected - you just need to sign up! Email/call person's name at (email) or (phone)

We know that some of our families are facing some tough times, so we want to ensure our students have the nutrition they need on the weekends so they can come to school prepared to learn! We are happy to provide this support to our students and their families, and we will distribute the bags of food as discreetly as possible to your child.