We know that many of our partners need to fundraise. We're here to help with ideas and resources.


Communicate the need:

Fundraising promotional cards:

  • We have developed promotional cards to use in your fundraising, efforts. Click here to order!
  • These cards point to the website www.thesheridanstory.com/sponsors.
  • We can work together to determine how you would like to fundraise:
    • Fundraise online using our online tools
    • Providing a path to link supporters directly back to your site
  • Email your Program Coordinator to discuss the best option for your group!

Show new video:

Outside of your organization:

  • Utilize your social network!
    • The social network of your organization and that of the people within your organization may want this opportunity to give back as well!
    • Encourage everyone in your organization to post on Facebook / Twitter / etc.
    • Sample text (text in italics are place holders for you to enter your own information):
      • "Will you join me in fighting child hunger right here in my community? Over 100,000 kids in the Twin Cities live in food insecurity, which is especially an issue on the weekends when they aren't at school. YOUR GROUP NAME is partnering with PARTNER SCHOOL NAME and The Sheridan Story to ensure kids have food each weekend.  Click here to join us! ENTER LINK HERE"
  • Other opportunities outside of your organization